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Amputation Prevention and Limb Preservation

Dramatic medical treatments have been developed over the past twenty years that can now salvage damaged limbs that once would have necessitated amputation. The outcomes of these procedures are getting better, with fewer risks, and are saving limbs that, not too long ago, would not have been salvageable. In the amputation prevention service, our multidisciplinary team approach is to not only to prevent amputations, but also reconstruct those limbs which already have been amputated. They work towards preserving the function and quality of the limb and life of such patients. This specialised service is one of its kind in the North region that focuses on preserving limbs.

Breast Surgery

Breast clinic is a special program run by the Department of Plastic Surgery, a multidisciplinary team of experts who helps you with all breast-related concerns, including breast aesthetic surgeries, reconstruction options following cancer surgery. Reconstructive surgery is mostly done at the same sitting after the removal of cancer. We provide comprehensive care as per your individual needs.

Cancer Reconstruction Surgery

A cancer diagnosis is very difficult to accept. While the main goal of cancer care is to cure the disease by tumour removal, some treatments can leave patients with a loss of function and appearance. Cancer Reconstructive Surgery helps in repairing, reconstructing and restoring the defects caused by cancer or its treatment. Reconstructive surgery is done at the same sitting after the removal of the cancer. This is essential for regaining both function and aesthesis.

Children Plastic Surgery

Children’s Plastic Surgery is a special program offering expert diagnosis and management for a full range of congenital and acquired conditions in children. Being a special group, their needs are special too. Our multispecialty team offers a single platform that enables us to evaluate each child’s condition & determine the best treatment plan for them.

Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery

The Cleft-Craniofacial Surgery is a team approach to evaluate and treat patients with a wide variety of congenital or acquired (by birth) craniofacial conditions. Being a special population, their needs are special too. Our multispecialty team approach offers a single platform which enables us to identify your child’s needs and plan & provide the appropriate treatment. We strive to achieve optimal results including speech, hearing and psychosocial development at the earliest possible age.

Facial Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery

The face is a special & prized area of the body which includes many special features (including 4 of the human senses). Facial Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery provides specialised care to evaluate and treat patients having problems related to the head and neck area to repair and restore form and function, whether it be that of soft tissue or facial skeleton.


Lymphedema is a condition in which, there is an increase in the size of the extremity (upper limbs, lower limbs) that is caused by partial or total obstruction of the lymphatic channels. In the beginning, this increase in size is due to lymph accumulation. With the passage of time, if left untreated, this accumulated lymph triggers an increase in the supporting tissues of the affected limbs. This, not only causes limb size to increase on a more permanent basis, but also reduces the oxygen availability to the tissues. This interferes with wound healing and provides a good environment for infection that may happen very frequently. Every such episode further increases the irreversible swelling.

Cosmetic Surgery

Clinical aesthetic or cosmetic is all about enhancing your appearance. It involves making subtle or sometimes major changes in your appearance, and aims at giving a more youthful and shapely result. All this is done while ensuring the patient safety.

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